Burning Calendar

a performance based lead generation agency

Why Burning Calendar?

Building an outbound team at a tech company is a daunting (and expensive) task.25% of the time a new hire works out great. They’re worth twice what you pay them. Account Executives would fight gladiator style to be paired with them.Some candidates take up your team's time interviewing, only to accept another offer. Some new hires end up having call reluctance and leave the first day they go live. Others give it their all, but still tread water. You feel relief when they manage to hit even 50% of quota.And if a BDR doesn’t work out? You and your team have to onboard someone new, pay their salary, benefits, ship them a laptop, spend $500 / month on their tech stack… and then hope they ramp quickly.Maybe you enjoy going through all that work to find those diamonds in the rough. Then waiting for them to ramp. It is rewarding to make a great hire. But maybe you’re also feeling burnt out. Spending budget on new hires hoping it converts to meetings and hitting your revenue goals.You probably should have an outbound BDR team in house.But that doesn’t need to be the only way you have meetings coming in.

What do we do?

We will book meetings with prospects for you. You dont have to pay us for anything less than a booked meeting. With a real prospect. Who is qualified, a champion or decision maker, and in your ICP.

How Will We Do It?

Email & LinkedIn. Your email deliverability is probably worse than you think. We've got email deliverability dialed in.


We work with Seed - Series B Companies who have demonstrated Product Market Fit.You must have a minimum average deal size of $7,500. $25,000 is preferred.We are NOT a good fit for industries that have high connect rates via phone and low connect rates via social / email. Construction and some healthcare niches are great examples of this situation. You should hire an agency that does calls in this case. We can provide you with recommendations for call based agencies we respect if that’s the case.


Working with us makes the most sense in three cases:1. You or your sales team do not have as much pipeline as you want on your calendar. You want more discovery calls with qualified prospects. But you don't want to be completely reliant on hiring more reps and waiting for them to ramp.2. You’re making a temporary push. You're launching a major new feature or product - and want to quickly scale up your outreach. But you don't want to add headcount you'll need to keep on a year from now.3. You are aggressively growing and pursuing specific revenue goalsAs always, every situation is unique. Book a time and we can figure out what makes sense for both of us.

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Business Development Representative

**What you'll do: **You will write 20-50 personalized email introductions per day to decision makers in the software space. Their information (Linkedin URL, Company Website, etc) will be provided to you.Hourly Pay Rate:
Not willing to publicize this number, but it will be shared with you immediately upon being selected for the interview process. Pay is generous.
How to Apply:
Email your resume to: james@burningcalendar.com